« I'm using theme 20 and I've set the sidebar to 245 in width, but whenever I upload my sidebar image (which is 245 x 140) it appears as 220 x 127. How can I fix that? » — Anonymous

hi, find this line in the code: (line 213)

{block:IfSidebarImage}<img src=”{image:sidebar}” width=”220" style="margin:3px 0px;">{/block:IfSidebarImage}

and change 220 by 245


Angelina Jolie presented with a honorary damehood by The Queen in recognition of her campaign to end sexual violence in war zones.

We only have three rules. First, do your part. Second, never harm another glader. And most importantly, never go beyond those walls.

Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends.

Who is Damon Salvatore?

He’s Stefan’s brother. He was a monster, and then he died.